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Female empowerment!
Grow together. Be successful together.
Create a new image of women together!

On average, women still earn around 18% less than men. (Statistics Austria, as of December 17, 2021).

​And women who want to live up to their role as mothers are even more remote from work.
As moms, we choose family time and at the same time we pay a price. The price of financial independence and real career prospects.

Topic of pension entitlement after many years in a part-time job?

We often prefer not to look at it!

We don't have to wait for something to change out there.

We can change it ourselves!

We can't change the wind, 
but set sail differently.


  • Risk-free self-employment alongside an award-winning company
    Location and time flexibility

  • No investment costs

  • Versatile and exciting work

  • Spported by an empowering community

  • Europe-wide training concept (online & offline)

  • Team work

  • Support and mentoring on your way through me personally
    Personal development

  • Setting goals and planning your individual path to success

ringana sonja_hq018.jpg

Who jumps into cold water
plunges into a sea of possibilities. (from Finland)


You want to learn more?

Contact me and we will find out together whether a cooperation makes sense! 

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Vielen Dank!

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