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My name is Sonja Zenz, I am 40 years old and live with my husband and our two sons in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee.


In September 2016 I decided to take my "good life" into my own hands and take a different career path.

I have...

  • ​from home

  • in harmony with family and

  • flexible in time

... established a successful network marketing business throughout Europe.

This decision has not only changed my life for the better on many levels, but also that of many others.

With this knowledge, I would like to go outside and pass this opportunity on to many other people.

Because one thing is very clear:

If I can do it, so can you.

Children are told stories to help them fall asleep.
Adults to help them wake up.    
(Jorge Bucay)


It was the 1st birthday of my youngest son when it started to hang over my head - the Sword of Damocles. 

Does that sound very dramatic to you? 

Maybe yes, but for me it felt this way. I saw my future self torn apart between a poorly paid part time job without any perspective and having not enough time for my kids and all the daily stuff, women do every day.

And yes, for me it really felt like an imminent danger that I was completely helpless against.

I felt powerless. 

So that's a mom's life -everybody is doing it this way.

Just deal with it!

But NO - I just couldn't accept this lack of perspective and self determination.

I was ready for NEW WAYS and I made a decision.​​​

​I took an opportunity that allowed me to actually take my life into my own hands and create it the way I want.

In the meantime I work

without thinking twice and if she does so, she finds herself in having no alternative. 

And this is exactly why I share my story with you. Because there is atleast one great alternative I know about.



Travelling to the most beautiful places on earth - as a reward,

having inspiring people around me,trainings with the best coaches and personal development in many areas. 

Since my decision in 2016 I have made so many wonderful and life changing experiences.

Now I know for sure -I am the person who decides about her life.

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